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1.Why loud

I have a big passion for video, music and festivals. Combining those three key elements is what formed the start of the company. The energy and enthousiasm that I get from the job is amazing. When I’m standing in the front of house mixing my visuals, seeing the crowd go nuts and hearing good music. That’s the best feeling in the world. Besides passion there’s also professionality. Every day I’m improving the quality of my visuals and mixing skills. I have great knowledge of the techniques that’s used for veejaying..

2. Our services

Live video performances

High end operators with extensive knowledge and feel for music.

Custom branded event visuals

Selling your story with immersive visuals.

Motion graphics

High quality visuals and animations for any product that is music driven.

Show design

Completely custom motion graphics and visuals that tell your story based on audio input.

People expierenced loud at

Snelle: 24/7 tour

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3. Work

Check out my previous work here. Take a look and get inspired!.

D-Sturb Presents: THE NEXT LEVEL

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The Revival

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Studio Shelter

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Nouvel An

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Stereo Sunday

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Smèrrig Halloween

Mijnhappening Beringen

Rewind Visuals

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