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We have been doing custom visuals,visual performances and timecode shows for Nouvel An for 3 years already. The production of this party is so good and I love working for this project. The creativity really flows when you can work on creative led setups.

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    Loud co-creates the showmoment to celebrate the new years. Together with Nouvel An we do brainstorm sessions and feedback rounds to get the best experience possible.

  • Under the stars of Nouvel An

    We're taking the visitors on a journey into the jungle of Nouvel An. Thanks to the amazing led setup and custom visuals by Loud.

  • Nouvel An 2017

    This was the first year Loud provided custom visuals, a 5 minute timecode show and live visual performance for the duration of the party.

  • Let your light shine!

    The visual style of the 2017 edition was lightbulbs/electricity. This is the way Loud translated that theme to visuals.

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