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We have been providing visual performances and custom visuals for Stereo Sunday for 3 years.. What I love about the festival is the fact that it’s all locals who really love organizing a festival. It's a pleasure to do this festival and seeing all those familiar faces.

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  • Stereo Sunday 2019

    Loved the combination between the lasers and the visuals. really pops of the screen.

  • Creating settings

    The art of show control is about creating moments and settings that match the feeling of the music perfectly. This is a moment where you can see the feeling of a track.

  • Stereo Sunday 2018

    What a mainstage, it was such a pleasure to create visuals for this stage and mixing them live at the event.

  • Stereo Sunday 2017

    Absolutely love this picture. You create a show together with light, laser and fx. This is a moment where all those disciplines come together.

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